Coco Fiber: Sustainable Composting & Growing Medium

 BassRack Outdoors believes that since nature and its resources give to us bountifully , we MUST give back and re-fuel it through our actions, equally. With Coco Fiber mixed with  your fresh crab/shrimp picking scraps, filleted fish scraps, oyster/clam  shells,  etc after a successful harvest in the woods or on the water , or simply bought from the local market, these natural organic fertilizers will break down through the composting process when mixed with Coco. 

Within 1-3 months those MINERAL AND VITAMIN RICH scraps, will give you a supreme natural growing fuel. Literally watch your vegetable garden, herb garden and flower garden THRIVE like no other!!!

 This is Full cycle and replenishing  back to which it all came and as ORGANIC as it comes.Truly a BEAUTIFUL thing!

Worried about foul smell and potential pests??? 

No need to!

Coco Fiber is one of  nature's PREMIER sponges and filters. These properties literally allow it to absorb, purify and neutralize those unwanted smells that attract pests and those that are unpleasant to us!!!!

Additionally, you can also lay Coco Fiber along areas of run off and soil erosion.  Those same natural sponge and filtering properties, will literally catch all impurities and lawn chemicals running off into the water drainage system that have a negative impact on the environment, watersheds and the plants, animals and seafood that depend on them. 

Bassrack Outdoors does these projects at the commercial level as well , but want to reinforce that  even YOU too at home, can have a tremendous positive impact as a steward ,and help keep a clean ,healthy environment that we ALL share together. 

No effort too small to do your part all adds up !!!  


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